Our Incredible Community

One thing we're quite grateful for is the incredible community we've managed to create. Our team is often talking about how our business is about more than just making money, and we couldn't agree with them more. We're not in this for the money; we're in it for the community we've created, the friendships we've formed, the individuals we've linked and introduced, and the incredible experiences we've had along the way. 



Our mission is to reintroduce Arab culture and vibes to the western world. 

We want to support Arab artists and the Arab community globally. Our users can contribute all of their favourite songs to the Arab collective playlist.  At least twice a month, we feature Arab artists on our Instagram stories. We attempt to arrange as many activities as possible to connect artists and influencers. 


In Egypt, we hosted an ATVing excursion near the pyramids. We sponsored an Arabian evenings gala formal in Toronto, Ontario, after throwing a wildly successful yacht party last summer. Arab Collective is more than simply a store with merchandise; it's a lifestyle that offers one-of-a-kind experiences.



We are very thrilled to announce the events that we have planned for this summer. 

Yacht parties, gatherings at the giza pyramids, pop-up booths, food trucks, and more will be announced soon.