About us


How our journey began



The birthplace of the Arab Collective is Cairo, Egypt. One vacation marked the start of a long-term endeavour to promote Arab heritage while also connecting it to popular culture in the West. The beauty of our own country led us to create Arab Collective. After all of the unique experiences that Egypt provided us during our vacation, we developed a special link and attachment to Egypt's charm. We took one last look at what we call home as the plane took off from the runway. We began to miss it at that point, and a lightbulb went off in our heads: a combination that would link home and fresh beginnings.


We started what would subsequently become Arab Collective shortly after our experience. From making sweatshirts in our basement and having friends model them in a McDonald's parking lot to reaching a deal with a manufacturer and recruiting professional models to represent the Collective, the Collective has come a long way. This is how Arab Collective came into being.

Left picture is our very first photoshoot hosted in the McDonald’s parking lot. 

Right picture is how we used to stock our hoodies in the basement when we first started.


We're approaching our one-year anniversary since launching on April 4, 2021, and we're incredibly proud and appreciative for how far we've gone. 

We've sold to clients in over 96 countries, sponsored Arabian evenings events, created a new office in Cairo, and, most significantly, grown our incredible network of Arab collective customers, whom we now consider family. 

We take the Arab collective family extremely seriously, and we want to provide you with the greatest possible experience. We organised a hugely successful yacht party in 2021, as well as ATV activities all around Egypt. 



We're excited to provide you with new experiences and activities to keep your weekends exciting and fun!